Sunday, March 2, 2014

When Geeks Wed!

Last month, we met up with a lot of friends that we hadn't seen in a while. Turns out one couple is getting married this year, and instead of getting a traditional wedding dress and tux, the happy couple has plunked down the money to get custom-made leather Skyrim armor. Holy cow, I think that means I may be invited to our first geek cosplay wedding! O_O

Skyrim wedding
The bride won't be wearing white, that's for sure.
K has actually been to a geek wedding before, in the form of a Renaissance Festival-type celebration where the bride and groom were dressed in medieval tunics and fencing garb, because that was their primary hobby. In fact, they walked down the aisle through a tent of upraised swords held by their friends. And then afterward, the newly married pair had a live fencing demonstration to showcase their talents. I'm not sure what else happened, but ever since, K has been super reluctant whenever I suggest going to the annual Renaissance Festival fair that comes around. ^_^;;

Anyway, if you've ever wanted to get inspiration from or live vicariously through other people's fantastically themed weddings, take a visit to When Geeks Wed. From Minecraft to Doctor Who to Alice in Wonderland, there's something for everyone. I came across this site originally because of this crazy World of Warcraft engagement photo I saw. Sooo pretty. Check out these works of art:

World of Warcraft cosplay engagement photo
World of Warcraft cosplay engagement photo (Source: When Geeks Wed)

Super Mario Bros. felt fire flower wedding bouquet
Mario fire flower wedding bouquet (Source: Etsy)

Hunger Games wedding cake
Hunger Games wedding cake (Source: Casey Fatchett)

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