Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fake Girl Gamers Make Me Laugh

Apparently, I'm way behind but there is a new meme called gurl gamer, aka fake girl gamers who like to tote their l337 gaming skillz to attract guys. I first came upon it when I saw this hilarious picture of a sexy gurl gamer mouthing a controller (and then subsequent people mocking her):

Girl versus guy gamer chewing on video game controller
Girl vs.guy gamer eating hardware (Source: The Meta Picture)
Lol, that kills me! That inspired me to find other common poses and match them up with the guy equivalent. The results were amusing.

Girl vs. guy gamer playing XBox
Girl vs. guy playing XBox (Source: The Raw Story, Shades of Zero )

Lara Croft vs. Chuck Norris holding two guns
Lara Croft cosplayer vs. Chuck Norris wielding two guns (Source: Getty Images, Know Your Meme)

Girl vs. guy gamer posing with arcade machines
Girl vs. guy posing with arcade machines (Source: La Carmina, Kotaku)
Honestly, I think all of it can be summarized with this simple comic. Sorry, most of us gamer girls don't look like super models... except for Shawn's wife. :)

This is Not a Gamer Girl comic
(Source: I Waste So Much Time)
Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and try to avoid any dishes that serve electronics!


Lilly said...

LOL this is GREAT.

A Gamer's Wife said...

Eee, thanks! Glad someone appreciated these. :)

geekturtle said...

Well...there is some people that asume that playing candy crush is being a "gamer 4 life", but the guy in underware just reminde me soo much of my husband (and me) that you made me laugh hard.
I´m so sorry I didn´t know about the kitty give away :(.
Well, best wishes in this new year.