Monday, September 2, 2013

4 Out of 5 Babies All Agree - The Bastion Soundtrack is Awesome!

I'll have to admit, K only played a little bit of the popular indie game Bastion - an incredibly beautiful post-apocalyptic, fantasy-themed action RPG with a moving narrative. However, what stood out to me - besides the colorful, hand-painted art style - would be the awesome music! The composer Darren Korb describes it as "acoustic frontier trip hop," intended to evoke both the American frontier and an exotic fantasy world. I'd say he succeeded!

Anyway, turns out K and I aren't the only ones who love the Bastion soundtrack. Check out this 1-minute clip of Dexter's reaction:

Isn't it crazy how even babies instinctively know how to move their little chubby bodies to the music? I had no idea they could even do that! I wonder what other ways Dexter is going to surprise me in the future..

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