Sunday, July 7, 2013

Too Much Geek for Me

Grandma with knitting tattoo
This grandma is very proud of
her Level 99 Knitting achievement.
As much as I love knitting and crocheting, it's more of a solitary sport for me. Don't get me wrong; I love my fellow crafters. In fact, I used to belong to a knitting/crocheting group at my old company and am forever grateful to them for teaching me how to knit. However, whenever I see announcements in my community for a new knitting group, I fully intend to attend but always end up skipping at the last minute. It's just that from the few times I've gone... the attendees at these groups are just way too hardcore for me! For example.
  • They revel in buying high end, specialty fibers from boutique yarn stores. I still mainly use cheapo Red Heart Super Saver, purchased at the local Michael's or (gasp) Walmart.
  • Knitting/crocheting seems to be all they do and talk about. I've never heard of them talk about any other hobbies besides weaving, spinning, needle felting, or other fiber arts.
  • They wear t-shirts screenprinted with inside jokes about knitting or come decked out in outfits that they've crocheted themselves
  • They knit/crochet constantly and will start projects even if they have no idea who it will be given to. I only whip out the needles and hooks if there's a reason. (It's kind of like window shopping vs. shopping with a purpose. I only shop when the refrigerator is empty or K's shorts all have holes in the crotch.)
Yarn Crafting Group at Lion Brand Yarn Studio
Somehow I just don't feel like I belong...
These yarn groupies have a very intense love for their craft, which is why I'm more of a lone wolf creator.  The one exception would be the mother of the little girl I taught to knit. Although the lessons have officially ended, the mother and I still get together once or twice a month to communally craft at Starbucks, but really, it's just an excuse to escape the kids for a little while. :) We do less talking about our favorite patterns and more chitchatting about our families, life, and anything besides what we're holding in our hands.

K says the same thing is true with his hobby of HeroClix. Even though his friends have stopped playing regularly, he's not up to attending tournaments at comic book stores. The guys who show up are super obsessed with the game, which can be a little overwhelming. Plus, they don't really play "for fun" to try out new characters – everyone's out for blood. The same powerful figures that can do really cheap shots get played week after week. K claims he might be done with collecting HeroClix because of the lack of friendly players in the area. I responded with a sympathetic "Aww, that's too bad," but quickly had to excuse myself because of the massive grin spreading across my face. I'm a bad gamer's wife sometimes. ^_^;;;

HeroClix game event at comic book store
Everyone's got their serious game face on! (Although the guy waving in the back looks like he might be having fun.)

Do you attend or have you attended yarn crafting groups in the past? What's your experience with them?


geekturtle said...

I hear you sis, hahahahaha, well I have gone to 3 types of gatherings in my life:
Star Wars
The first two I attended like 5 or six times and I decided that I do not wnt to spend my afternons either discussing about if it is better to plant seeds or injerts (seeds) or if a toy should be left inside a box or taken out to play (sorry for me toys are for playing)
Well I started crochetting due to a need (well more liekly I liked something and couldn´t find anybody to do it for me) but in general I´m a loner, then it baceame a business (yes I do things prior to know who is wearing because I have to have things in stock) and I have only being once on a knitting circle.
And yes, most of them only talk about knitts, purls stitches, counting etc, but some of them have other interests, or maybe it is because I met them at other circles.
This group I´m talking about they find a cause and they knit/crochet for them, either animals, kids and the last one they made boobs for poor women with radical mastectomies, that may be what you shuold look for, not only the craft but a use for it.
Happy hunting.
And congrats on teh baby he sure look happy and big

A Gamer's Wife said...

@Geekturtle - Oh that sounds cool, joining a group that makes stuff for a cause! Maybe you're right and I just haven't found the right group of a people yet. Will keep trying... motherhood seems to put quite a dampener on having a social life. ;)

pezzygal said...

I know what you're talking about. Luckily, back in Cali, I used to belong to a crochet group of senior citizens (classes where in a senior citizen center, but anyone can attend). It was a lovely group and I seemed to be the youngest. I delved into their stories and were fun. When the group was moved over to the community center, most of the ladies went, but there was a new group that sat around together and engaged in their own personal talks of ONLY crochet stuff or their grandkids.
Then, I moved to Houston and I went to two gatherings. These were not the best and most only kept to themselves, so I gave up on it. Now we live in Austin. I have joined 2 groups and I was all gun-ho about going to my first one, but when I get there, I was told the group had been canceled due to low enrollment. I wasn't told of this until AFTER I e-mailed the leader of the group and was told. I joined another group, but since they meet at a restaurant, I am constantly being put on the "waiting list" and I have to wait to see if anyone cancels so I can go.
At this point, I have given up for the time being, I crochet at home instead while, like you, the hubby plays video games.

A Gamer's Wife said...

@pezzygal - So weird! I've never heard of groups having a waiting list. Yeah, most of the ones in my area also end up getting canceled because of low attendance. I'm like you - it's just so much easier to chill out at home with my hubby. :)