Friday, June 21, 2013

Gamer Dog Earns Her Keep

You remember our dog Rin? Being that she's the first pet canine I've ever owned, I had no idea that the descendants of wolves are content to just lay in the sun all day. I knew that's what cats are known for, but apparently sunbathing is a popular, energy-saving activity for other domesticated predators as well. However, I've now found an official job for Rin, all because of Animal Crossing. Kekeke...

You see, in this game you can collect Nintendo-themed clothes and furniture for your house by buying fortune cookies from the local scammers racoons. However, they don't accept regular currency. No no, you have to use Play Coins. What are those? Nintendo's attempt to make lazy gamers exercise. I'm totally serious! The Nintendo 3DS comes equipped with an accelerometer that can act as a pedometer, so for every 100 steps you take, you earn 1 coin. And this special currency can be used to buy special treats or functionality in certain games, like Animal Crossing.

Nintendo 3DS home screen - pedometer step count for Play Coins
Nintendo 3DS = world's most extravagantly featured pedometer

Unfortunately, in order for the Nintendo 3DS to track your steps, it needs two things:
  1. The handheld console must be on (or at least in sleep mode).
  2. You must be wearing/carrying the console.
Ok, I have a few issues with the latter requirement. For one thing, I own the Nintendo 3DS XL, which is 90% larger and 46% heavier than the regular 3DS. It's really not practical for me to carry it around since I don't wear cargo pants with giant pockets like K and I only have my purse when running errands. Now I've been trying to go on run-walks in the mornings with Dexter, but I'm afraid that putting it in the stroller basket will be too smooth of a ride to register many steps. What to do...

Dog wearing Nintendo 3DS in backpack to earn Play Coins
Rin, my new beast of burden :)
HECK YEAH, I'm going to make my dog carry my 3DS in her backpack and earn me imaginary coins to trade in for imaginary Nintendo swag! It's perfect... Rin has extra energy to burn off and Mama needs a new Metroid Varia Suit to wear. Mwahahaha! ^__^ Now I just need to make sure she doesn't escape while running after a neighborhood rabbit and take my $200 handheld with her...

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Metroid Samus Varia suit
My character is the left. K's character is on the right, cross-dressing in Samus' Varia suit. :P


Unknown said...

Ha! That explains why my son sometimes runs laps up and down the hallway....he mentioned something about earning coins by running....

I play Zombies Run! on my phone. It keeps running laps at my local track or the treadmill from being too boring. I love the story.

Unknown said...

Heck, I just shake mine to get the coins. Going to make my second floor if the museum a Nintendo room. Your character is cute.

I showed up as unknown. Sorry about that.


A Gamer's Wife said...

@Jennifer - Haha, that's hilarious about your son running up and down the house! I can totally imagine my nephew doing the same thing.

Wow, I vaguely remember K telling me about Zombies Run! a while ago but it looks like they've really improved it. I'm totally downloading it right now! Thanks so much for the recommend. :)

@Lori - K has started doing the same thing with his second room as well! Great minds think alike. ;) I was just going to shake my 3DS as well to rack up points, but then K's friend Shawn told me it looked like I was doing something else... >_<