Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Crochet Afghans in Movies

I recently started noticing that practically any set design on TV or in movies featuring a present-day home always has a crochet blanket draped over the couch. Is it really that common in America? None of the people I visit have afghans prominently displayed except my grandmother – and in her case, she has one on every single upholstered piece of furniture, plus crochet doilies on her china cabinet shelves.

Anyway, from now on if I catch another crochet blanket in a show I'm watching, I'm going to snap a picture and post it here. This first movie I haven't seen yet, but it was by far the most prominent find on Google when I was searching for famous afghans in the media... the Smurfs!

The Smurfs movie crochet blanket

There's this whole article talking about the set design of their "retro-boho" East Village apartment in New York City, and at the very end of the post, they prominently feature this colorful, multi-square afghan on the couch (of course), as well as a circular, striped crochet tablecloth. Pretty neat, huh?

The Smurfs movie crochet afghan

If you want to make the famous blanket, the closest pattern I've seen is the Babette Blanket from the Interweave Store, but for more details, you can follow a whole discussion on Crochetville from people trying to reverse engineer the pattern. Will let you know when I catch another crocheted or knitted piece in the media... the last movie I saw was Star Trek Into Darkness, and apparently all fabrics have been replaced by neoprene and other futuristic fibers. ;)

Have you seen any famous or noteworthy crochet or knit creations on TV or film?


Laura said...

Hi! I have also noticed crocheted details in films and tv-series! One I have seen recently is the granny square -quilt on the sofa in The Big Bang Theory tv-series. Here's a picture:
I'm happy to see I'm not the only crochet-geek, who sees these things. :)

Unknown said...

I always notice great knitwear in movies. There are numerous Ravelry boards devoted to reproducing movie-style knits, in fact. Kirsten Dunst usually has great berets in her movies (Spiderman and Elizabethtown come to mind) Harry Potter is great for knitting inspiration (and Mrs. Weasely's crocheted sweater is spectacular) I have knitted a couple of Jayne hats in my time. I might notice crochet more if I actually did that, but I am a knitter :-)

A Gamer's Wife said...

@Laura - I've seen pics of that afghan! Will definitely have to include it in my next "crochet in media" post.

@Jennifer - Oh! I had no idea there was a Ravelry board dedicated to this very topic, but totally makes sense. Will have to check it out for ideas; thanks for the mention!