Saturday, February 9, 2013

In the Name of Lego

Earlier this month, I awoke to find that my BFF Sophia had uploaded several photos on Facebook all at once under a "Photo a Day" category. Apparently, the blog Fat Mum Slim posts these just-for-the-fun-of-it lists of ideas you can take pictures of every day.

Fat Mum Slim - February 2013 Photo a Day list
Courtesy of Fat Mum Slim

How inspiring! Lately my smartphone has been filled with image upon image of Dexter, Dexter, and more Dexter, so I was all on board for diversifying my subject matter. Unfortunately, so far two out of my first four photos have been, uh, of Dexter. Gah, 50% is not a good rate. Will strive to show you something more interesting. If you're curious, you can follow my now suddenly active Twitter account @agamerswife.

I had a bit of difficulty with Day 7 though, the topic being "Your Name." Oops, can't exactly reveal my true identity (being a superhero and all). Thought about getting four hands to sign A-N-N-E or finding something white to represent my last name. Instead, I took a picture of this:

LEGO Castlevania NES with Skeleton throwing bone at Simon
Watch out, Simon! That skeleton has an endless supply of femurs!

Remember how I said K has a friend who works for Lego? For their cubicle name plates, they get to build it out of Lego bricks (naturally), so K decided to help him spruce up his signage with a callback to the first Castlevania game on NES. If you can't tell, that would be the classic skeleton bad guy throwing a bone at the protagonist, Simon Belmont. I'm impressed that he was able to find a clear Lego piece to simulate the mid-air femur toss.

Castlevania NES screenshot - Skeleton bone throw at Simon
Skeleton baddy from the original Castlevania game (source)

Anyway, this is my cop out photo for Day 7. Even though it's not exactly my name, I thought it was pretty cool and worth sharing. I should start posting more photos of K's Lego builds. His creations often have a certain unique twist to them. :P

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