Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby Bad Mood = Mommy Bad Mood

Today was a hard day. Dexter has been crying a lot during nap times, either because:
  1. He isn't feeling well from his vaccine shots.
  2. He recently learned to roll onto his stomach, but isn't used to sleeping face down.
  3. He is infected with tiny Martian brain slugs who feed off of high amplitude sound waves.
I have a particular weakness to Dexter's crying. Not in the "aww poor baby," heart-melting kind of way, but more like a "fingernails scraping a blackboard," dear-Lord-make-it-stop response. I don't know why God programmed me to react so strongly to his particular frequency. Maybe because He knows that otherwise my logical engineering mind would approach my son like a problem to troubleshoot, using my own knowledge (and Google) rather than relying on Him for wisdom and strength.

Anyway, in spite of my terrible mood, this 1-minute clip totally made me laugh out loud. Horrifyingly enough, I could totally see K doing this to me. Thank goodness his little "trick" proposal was nowhere near as jaw-dropping!

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