Monday, October 29, 2012

Baby's First Zombie Walk

Remember how we participated in the local zombie crawl last year? This time, we decided to visit our friends and participate in their much larger, 20,000-person zombie walk event. In preparation, I decided to knit Dexter a little brain cap using the Simply Spring Beanie and lots and lots of i-cord.

pink yarn for zombie brain cap
Brought back several hues for K to choose from since he's the zombie expert of the family
knitted baby zombie brain cap
What a yummy cute looking little noggin!
Last year K had the crazy makeup job and I had the interesting costume, so this year we decided to switch it up, especially since K was itching to try out some new techniques on me that he had learned at a zombie makeup class. Due to a lucky coat find at a thrift store, K was able to make the perfect Bane costume from The Dark Knight Rises. Add a shaved head with a bite mark and some green makeup, and now he's zombie Bane!

Zombie Bane from Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises
Better watch out, Batman!
With K as a highly recognizable character and Dexter rockin' the baby brain cap, they were a lethal combination for bystanders and their cameras. We could hardly take 10 steps without being asked for a photo opp. After spending so much time on our costumes and faces, K was absolutely soaking up the attention. :)

Zombie Bane from Batman and his baby brain snack
My lovely family
Bane at the zombie crawl
Surrounded by the paparazzi
I'm not sure how I feel about Dexter participating in zombie crawls once he's old enough to remember since it might be too scary for kids, but K thinks that it's not a big deal if he sees how special effects makeup is done from a very young age. Hmm, we shall see...


ingrid said...

Love the baby brain hat!

Sammy said...

Oh wow, what a totally awesome costume choice, I bet he felt utterly spoilt with all the extra attention. What did you go as? Dex looked adorable btw lol

Carey said...

I'm loving your blog, as a future wife of a game streamer ;) please keep up the blog, every other one of its kind has gone down and all us girls need support!
That's an insanely amazing hat by the way. :)

A Gamer's Wife said...

@Ingrid - Thanks so much! It was quite the hit. :)

@Sammy - Haha, I'm glad he stayed in a good mood with all those camera flashes going off. I found a dress that looked like something from the late 1800's (think Little Women or Little House on the Prairie). It was kinda domestic/maternal looking, so whenever I held Dexter, people thought he was a doll. And then he would move and they would shriek in surprise. ^_~

@Carey - Awww, thank you so much for the encouragement! It's a bit harder now with a kiddo to take care of, but I'll definitely keep writing. ^_^