Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Slightly Geeky Newborn Photo Shoot

Once Dexter was born, I would say my ability to do just about anything besides taking care of the baby and sleeping has gone down to zilch. Which is terrible for me, Mrs. I-Can-Do-It-All-Except-For-Kill-Bugs-Because-They're-Icky-And-That's-What-Husbands-Are-For. However, I did manage to snag an awesome Groupon deal for a newborn photo shoot, which means of course I had to crochet the cutest baby hats ever! Ah, the ambitious words of a megalomaniac crafter. Let's just say we barely made it out the door in time for our appointment because I was still hand sewing little felt eyes while screaming at K to get Dexter in the car seat. (Gah, those crazy hormone-charged emotions are a lot worse postpartum than they were during pregnancy!)

Dexter has gotten the nickname of "little froggy" because of the way he bends his legs during tummy time, so I created a traditional "make your baby look like an animal" beanie to capitalize on his favorite position.

Newborn photo shoot with a crochet baby frog hat

And since K and I are nerds at heart, we of course had to ruin the photo shoot with our own special geeky twist. Yes, that would be a Chain Chomp from Super Mario Bros. nomming on Dexter's head...

Mario Chain Chomp baby hat

These shots were taken when he was 2 weeks old, and amazingly, he's already outgrown the adorable Chain Chomp hat that I made in my precious waking hours. So since he only got to wear the hat twice, I'll be setting up a giveaway soon so that someone else can have the pleasure of geek-a-fying their newborn's noggin. Be on the lookout for my next post!


geekturtle said...

Lovely hats, and of course lovely boy
Good luck with the sleep deprivation part, don´t worry, he´ll soon sleep all night.
I´ll pass on the promo part, my youngest is 11 almost 12 years, so it won´t fit her XD
Greetings from sunny Mexico

A Gamer's Wife said...

Thank you so much! I figured that this particular giveaway would have limited interest due to the size. :)