Friday, June 8, 2012

Baby Shower in a Box

After passing the first trimester milestone, I started worrying about what to do about my baby shower. All my close friends and family were in another state, and the only people I knew in this new state were K's family and the married couples in a Bible study we just started attending a few months ago. To compensate, I decided to scour Craigslist and buy as much secondhand baby stuff as safely possible because, well, I didn't expect anyone to get me anything, much less throw me a party.

As usual, God surpassed my expectations/plans and blessed me with not one, but two baby showers! One was hosted by K's mom for the relatives on her side of the family. And then this coming weekend, one of my new friends graciously offered to host a party for the women in my Bible study. But guess what arrived in the mail just before the party...

Baby shower in a box

That's right, it's a baby shower in a box! Remember my oh-so-creative friend Jessi? She worked with another woman from my previous Bible study, surprising me with a care package full of goodies and decorations for my baby shower! Check out the sweet swag that was unveiled:

Baby shower decorations
Thank you cards, tableware, streamers, confetti, and DIY paper tissue pom-poms!
I can't believe how thoughtful and freaking awesome those two women are to help me celebrate the arrival of Dexter, despite the long distance between us. I'm so touched by their kindness, I can't even express it in words. So if you're ever thinking of helping a friend celebrate her wedding or baby shower when she's recently moved to a new city, consider this "shower-in-a-box" idea. You'll absolutely make her day – no, her entire year! ^____^


Camilla said...

Are you going to name the baby Dexter or did I get it wrong? If you are that's awsome! Congratulations by the way =)

A Gamer's Wife said...

Haha, Dexter is going to be the little one's nickname on my blog. I was going make his nickname "Stewie" but a friend on Facebook got to it first. :)