Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spending the Weekend with a Luddite

I rarely apologize for missing or delaying a blog post, but this time I have an interesting excuse: K's grandmother. For Memorial Day weekend, we drove 8 hours into rural nowhere-ness to visit this dear 87-year-old woman who is very traditional. When visitors come a-knocking, no other forms of entertainment are allowed beside, well, visiting. No watching TV, no playing video games, no reading books... nothing but talking. And to make things worse, there was no cell phone reception or Internet connection. It was seriously like a technology detox center! O_O

Amish horse-drawn buggy
At least we had electricity and plumbing...
Normally, I wouldn't mind the retreat from electronic stimulus, but I had just started playing Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and the urge to hunt giant badger-armadillo-bears weighed heavily on my mind. Luckily, K and I carved out some time on the last day for just the two of us and stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast on the way home. And you know what we did? After a romantic dinner at an Italian restaurant, we snuggled under the covers, turned on the Wi-Fi switches on our PSPs, and spent the evening slashing and smashing at digital monsters.What a perfect ending to a wonderful babymoon!

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd - Aoashira hunt

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