Friday, April 20, 2012

Sorry, I Don't Like You Enough to Knit for You

I have four other friends/acquaintances who are pregnant and due within two months of me. One of them, whom I don't know very well, invited me to her baby shower next week, so I decided to make a Miffy the bunny plushie. After about 3 nights of using a tight tension for this pattern (knitted amigurumi tend to be stretchy and can leak stuffing if the weave is loose), my left hand was severely cramping and poor Miffy was still lacking a face:

Miffy the bunny knitted plushie amigurumi knitting
Poor faceless (and body-less) Miffy...

Compared to crochet (my first yarn craft love), knitting takes me at least twice the processing power and effort, and my results are... unreliable, to say the least. I know I know, practice makes perfect, but at that point, I decided that I just didn't know this woman well enough to suffer for her anymore. She was just going to have to settle for some speedy crochet projects... preferably something with lots of large holes! And what do you know, I was able to complete three patterns last night:

Baby hat, baby mittens, baby cocoon, baby photography, newborn photograpy
Baby hat, baby mittens, and baby cocoon for taking adorable newborn pictures

The acquaintance in question happens to be a photographer, so I figure that the baby cocoon will be even more special to her than a silly Miffy bunny that would take me 8x as long to make... :) And don't worry, Miffy will be completed in the near future and is still going to a good home, given that I have 3 other expectant moms to choose from!

(Photo from Sarah Boccolucci Photography)
Do you find knitting or crocheting harder? Which technique did you learn first?


jumkelly said...

CROCHET all the way! I tried learning knitting, but I find its only faster for me when its a big flat project, like a scarf or a blanket. Crochet gives me the freedom to be creative on the fly.

jonalsharp said...

You made amazing item for your four pregnant friends. It is best gift for friends. You says right that woman well enough to suffer for her anymore.

hats for baby

Jessica said...

I've been thinking about picking up my knitting needles again - I haven't knitted anything for at least 15 years, but then I haven't had to as I've always been able to crochet everything that I've wanted.

I love amigurumi - and there are some really cute knit patterns for them... but I always think it'd be so much easier just to crochet! I've also been meaning to make up a Miffy - but I was going to use the free crochet pattern

Sammy said...

My first learnt yarn passion was Knitting, something my mum showed me when i was 13 or so, however I now love Crochet almost as much. But i do consider Knitting to be something im more experienced in by far.
Knitting in a tight stitch is horrid and i avoid it at all costs, I love the fact you have personalised our crochet gifts more. Im sure they will be far more appreciated.
Also I know how you feel about the not liking someone enough to knit something. I think it boils down to not knowing if someone appreciates the time and effort gone into what you have made. Love the blog keep it coming x

A Gamer's Wife said...

@Jessica - Doh! I wish I had seen this pattern first. Now I'm torn between "do I undo all the effort from the knitted project" or "do I hammer through my current wip"? >_<

@Akemi - Oh good, I feel better now about giving up on this particular acquaintance. :) Thanks for the compliment about the blog; it's comments like these that keep me writing. :)