Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Peeps Sushi!

K is so funny. I sent him on an errand to get some French bread for making homemade Italian sausage pizza tonight, and when he comes back, he won't let me look into the kitchen for at least half an hour or more. Mind you, I'm working at the dining table, so the kitchen is right behind me with no doors or walls in between. The sounds coming from his general vicinity included chopping, crackling of plastic, and the occasional shooing of the cat (Chairman Meow was equally interested in the going-ons of K).

Turns out my oh-so-sneaky husband was making... Peeps sushi (aka "Peepshi")! I'd shown him this article from Serious Eats over a year ago, and it looks like it triggered a memory when he saw all those cheap Peeps on sale post-Easter at the grocery store.

All lined up, ready for easy consumption :)
I was out tonight with my anime group, suffering through the terrible 1980's animated movie The Flight of Dragons (blargh, can't wait till we go back to watching series again), so I haven't actually eaten one of these cute little sugar bombs yet. However, I've been told that the Peepshi are so much better than the sum of their parts. ^_~ Happy belated Easter to you all!

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