Monday, March 19, 2012

No More Star Trek, Please

K likes Star Trek. Not obsessively enough to be considered a Trekker or to own an official uniform, but I think he made his own phaser when he was 7. :) Anyway, I would have no problem with this except that he's also a completionist and will watch an entire TV series bit by bit, non-stop, every day until he's done. He is currently making his way through Star Trek: Voyager because somewhere in those 7 seasons, he's heard that there are 15 good episodes worth watching. Plus, his friend Shawn dared him to actually finish the series since it was too painful to continue watching the first time around. Oh dear...

The unfortunate side effect is that I will occasionally catch the random episode because, well, K's hogging the TV and our house has an open layout. And by now, I can definitely tell you that I despise Voyager. I can't stand Captain Janeway, especially those story lines where she's supposed to be all seductive/attractive, when her personality totally comes off as a cold-hearted, strict schoolmarm. And Neelix, the supposed comic relief, is sooo annoying! Seriously, I can't think of a single character I care even remotely about. Apparently, season 4's introduction of the Borg and Seven of Nine makes the series somewhat redeeming, but I can't believe K's going to slog through 68 episodes just to get there.

EWWW!! No sexy Janeway allowed! >_<

Not only that, but K has also been forcing convinced me to watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine because it was eventually taken over by Ron Moore (who created the gripping, can't-stop-watching-because-it's-like-crack 2004 remake of Battlestar Galactica). Sigh, but this is Star Trek. Why can't I just skip to the seasons where Ron Moore was in charge? "Because you'll miss all the character development," K patiently explained to me. Double sigh...

In return, I've been making K watch anime with me, which he is equally uninterested in. So far, I've had him sample Mushishi (slow-paced, episodic X-Files) and X (a very Japanese-ified X-Men, but not really). Nothing's caught his fancy so far, but hey, it's payback. ^_~

Mushishi vs. X

Have you ever been coerced into watching a TV series you dislike? Did you eventually end up enjoying it or was it pure torture all the way through?


Anonymous said...

My girlfriend is a huge Buffy fan so I have been coerced/forced into watching the show. I think I am similar to K in that I prefer to start things from the beginning. This went against the warning from my girlfriend because the first few seasons of Buffy are much lower budget/cheesier than later seasons. Up to this point we have finished the first five seasons, and I have to say I actually enjoyed parts of season 4 and a good part of season 5. Still two more seasons to go X_X! I think it worked out well for her as well because the show I made her watch was Firefly which she really enjoyed.

A Gamer's Wife said...

AH! I actually tried to introduce K to Firefly as well, but he wouldn't bite. O_o He said the combination of Western and sci-fi genres is too corny/nonsensical (like the mash-up in the movie Krull). Also, he can't stand Joss Whedon. ^_~