Monday, February 27, 2012

Chairman Meow Loves Rin (But Not Vice Versa)

Yay for lazy Mondays! After writing a heavier, more think-y topic last week, I'm totally copping out and posting a video of my pets. As I mentioned before, Rin is the most stoic, weird dog I've ever met, which means she gives Chairman Meow plenty of space. However, after 8 months of cohabitation, Chairman Meow has decided she wants to make friends with the other furry, four-legged beast in the house. She has randomly started grooming, I mean really aggressively grooming, Rin's ears, which poor doggy has not quite decided yet if she's willing to tolerate or not. It's like getting a hardcore massage; you're not sure if the pain is worth it.

Anyway, please enjoy this sickening display of affection, and I promise to try to keep the pet updates to a minimum. ^_~

Do you get annoyed when people blog, tweet, or Facebook update too much about their kids or pets?


Lilly said...

hahaha i love it!!!! Dog is just sitting there like "yep keep going." Sure blogging/tweeting/status updates on pets is ok to an extent, as long as we all know you have a life other than the pet I don't normally get annoyed when people talk about :) Afterall they're so cute!

A Gamer's Wife said...

@Lilly - I totally agree! Besides I really like seeing cute pics of your cat all dressed up in your latest creations. Wish Chairman Meow was as compliant. ¬_¬