Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Year of the Dragon!

During a Chinese New Year party with friends, I found out that apparently Chinese parents will deliberately wait till the year of the dragon to have kids because it's considered the luckiest of all the zodiac animals. Wow, I guess that means we're going to have a little dragon baby on our hands... maybe I should make a little dragon plushie in preparation? Unlike my search for geeky baby outfits, I found tons of amigurumi patterns on Ravelry to make. They're all so cute! I may have to make a trio of them, one zodiac animal for each family member. :) Of course, that would be after I finish the doggy black dress and the Link costume and... yeah.

(click the image to view each pattern)

Daisy Dragon Asian Dragon amigurumi Dragon toy Amigurumi Baby Dragon Baby Dragon Drano Dragon Dragon Dragon Boy Krambambuli Image Map
Any guesses on whether we're going to have a dragon boy or a dragon girl? (K's family had all boys, while my family had one of each.)

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