Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finally, A Friend!

After over 1.5 years since moving to K's hometown, I am finally going my first date... with a female friend! Not a double date, not a family function, but a real, live outing all by myself with someone of the same gender who enjoys my company. ^_____^ I don't know what's up with this city, but back in my hometown, they had a little something called "Southern hospitality" and boy, do I miss it. K and I have tried everything from baking cookies for neighbors to joining Bible studies for married couples to attending local community events, but it's like everyone's dance card is already full and no one is interested in taking the step beyond small talk.

So how did friendship #1 come into development? Well, most of the guy friends that K knew before moving away seem to be stuck in perpetual singleness, but one of them happened to pick up this energetic firecracker of a woman and we totally connected! After several group events, K kept encouraging me to invite her to coffee and hang out with her one-on-one, but then everyone got caught up with Christmas activities so I decided to bide my time till after New Year's. Lo and behold, I find out that K's friend had broken up with her over the holidays! O_O Not to be deterred, I emailed her anyway and asked if she wanted to talk over lunch and she said yes! YAAAYYY! (Hehe, I totally know how guys feel now when they ask girls on dates. ^_~)

Anyway, firecracker woman (let's call her Cindy) has two little Chihuahuas that she loves to dress up so I decided to make her the "Little Black Dress With Pearls" Dog Sweater. Sorry, it's not a very geeky craft, but Cindy's a very girly-girl. She's very enthused about going maternity clothing shopping with me (eww, shopping), but I'll unfortunately have to break it to her at some point that I already bought my entire pregnancy wardrobe on Craigslist for less than $100. ^_^;;

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