Monday, October 17, 2011

How I Also Am An Annoyed Gamer's Wife

A couple of years ago, I briefly mentioned K's love for HeroClix, a tabletop strategy game involving tiny superhero figures (although not always). I should clarify: it's not really a love, but more like a "gotta catch 'em all" kind of obsession. That's right, K's a collector. Since the game's inception in 2002, K has purchased every single set and conservatively owns 3,500 figures.

So the reason why I haven't written a lot about video games recently is because K's video game spending has gone waaay down (a whole other topic) and NECA has been releasing new HeroClix sets at a higher frequency. He spent this past weekend unpacking his latest set, pausing every once in a while to show me a particularly well-done sculpt. And I hate to admit this, but I have absolutely no interest.

It's so bizarre. While I love spending the evening watching him play video games, I have all the classic "annoyed gamer's wife" reactions when it comes to HeroClix:
  • They cost a lot of money and time (for sorting and selling).
  • I have no interest in comic book characters.
  • They take up a significant amount of space in the house.
  • The actual game is not fun for me to play or watch. (I've tried.)
I just find it difficult to feign interest in this one thing that he is so passionate about. And the fact that he needs to buy every single set... doesn't he have enough? In any given game, there are usually 4 players and each player uses about 6-8 figures on average. Hmmm... ¬_¬

Anyway, for those of you out that who can't stand their significant other's video gaming habit, I can commiserate in a way. Luckily, K has a few friends who like to play, so he can have his weekly man cave time talking shop with other like-minded individuals. And since he puts up with me babbling about random anime series or celebrity news, I can certainly listen to him excitedly gush about the latest cool character he has uncovered. ^_~

Do you support your significant other's gaming habits or not?


Anonymous said...

As long as mine has priorities right (faith and being a good husband), stays within our budget and allotted storage I'm cool with it. Also gives his mind a way to decompress and focus on something positive. The benefits of that far exceed not giving him the freedom of enjoying it. When it gets out of balance, I simply ask to make adjustments. :)

A Gamer's Wife said...

I agree; as long as it's not an unhealthy obsession and we're within budget, I shouldn't freak out about it. ^_^;;

Actually, K's parents came over for dinner last night, and even after 2 hours of cleaning clutter, there were still armies of HeroClix occupying our dining table. Haha, what a sight it must have been for them!

LeeAnn Purtha said...

I support my bf's habits most of the times because I have close to the same habits! lol! However sometimes he does get to points where he is playing all day, day after day. Usually he gets out of that phase on his own but sometimes I have to remind him about other things in life lol.
We really are lucky though...We both enjoy mostly the same geeky things so there is an understanding for each other in that area.

A Gamer's Wife said...

Aww, that's so sweet, LeeAnn, that you two can share the same geeky hobbies! I totally love watching K play video games, but with tabletop games, I just have to encourage him to make as many HeroClix-playing friends as possible. ^_~

Landelf said...

hahaha I do hope he doesn't play Warharmmer...mine do...*annoyed to the bones*
1) it also cost a lot (about 150$ for an army set, and 20 to 100$ for ONE monster, soldier, things...
2) Those things come in separate parts so he have to assemble them with glue AND paint them.

( so i'm kind of a Warhammer's Widow... when it's not games or android Smart phone -_-,)

I do sympathize with you 'cause I really know what you feel lol

A Gamer's Wife said...

Landelf, you DO know how I feel!! I'm so thankful K's not into Warhammer because it's far more time-consuming than HeroClix. O_O Have to give him cred though; K's been in an eBaying whirlwind recently to make more cash while he's out of work. I think he might even offload his light saber collection!

Unknown said...

Hubby restricts his RPG-playing to one night a week with his buddies. There are far worse things he could be doing in far more unsavoury places on a Friday night so I have no problem with that aspect of his gaming life. I do wish that he would sometimes spend less time with his MMO and more time with me some nights. Thankfully we are not into Heroclix or Warhammer around here. Our three kids have too many toys. We don't have room to add any more!

A Gamer's Wife said...

Not Jenny, I totally agree that I would rather have K at home playing rather than hang out late at who knows where! Gotta see the plus sides where I can. :)

Neri said...

My husband is obsessed with Warhammer. Try and try as I might, I just cannot see the enjoyment in it. It's definitely a test of the old patience to feign interest when he starts delving deep into strategy and lore :P

Money and space wise, he has his own room dedicated to it (I keep the door closed when he's not here so I can't see it scattered across the four corners of the globe) and he has a good knack for finding deals online and trading with other players to get his plastic crack, as they call it, as cheap as possible.

I just get my revenge by talking about really mundane stuff once he's finished his warhammer speel. Then everything is balanced in the universe once again :P

A Gamer's Wife said...

Neri - Haha, I wish K kept his HeroClix in a closed room! Unfortunately it's in the open gameroom loft, which is totally viewable from both upstairs and downstairs. x_x