Saturday, July 23, 2011

Finish the Old or Start Anew?

Whelp, I finally finished the crochet shawl that I started last winter for my college roommate Nina. When I got married, Nina's mom made this giant cross-stitch with my name, K's name, and our wedding date. Therefore, for Nina's upcoming wedding, I wanted to make something big and impressive and handmade. Hence, my first foray into lacework.

Originally I was going to jump into a knitted lace shawl since, well, there are so many famous and beautiful ones. But then I discovered Lisa Naskrent and her unique crochet lace shawl designs. Given that I'm more experienced with crocheting, I decided to tackle her Midsummer Night's Shawl to make sure I could finish it in time.

Unfortunately, halfway through the shawl, I got incredibly sick of yarn work and took a 3-month hiatus. Then my mom reminded me of Nina's upcoming wedding, and I reluctantly dragged my hooks out again. Little did that I know that going back to this project would revive my interest in knitting and crocheting again, so now I'm back in the game again! But now I face the eternal dilemma: should I start a new project or finish my old ones? I hate to waste all that yarn I've already purchased, but it's sooo tempting to start something small and cute...

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