Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What to Do If Your Keyboard and Mouse Simultaneously Fail

I procrastinated to the last moment to write this white paper for work, and at 3 pm on the day it's due, my keyboard and mouse crap out. All I know is that I hit some weird key combo in the Tab-Shift-Ctrl-Alt region and all of a sudden I can't type. Or rather, typing 'S' makes my document save, typing 'D' makes my Internet browser want to create a bookmark, etc. And my mouse scroll button now only zooms in and out. Unbelievably unproductive at the worst possible time!!

The only way I could try to dig my way out of this mess was to:
a) pray
b) use my slow-as-molasses smart phone to look it up
c) call K at work and beg him to help me

In the end, the right keywords to search were "control key stuck" and the right action to take (for me) was to hold down both Ctrl buttons at the same time. I'm so elated, I'm going to continue procrastinating more and post the solution right here for all to see:

Google Answers: Control (CTRL) key locks in Windows

I rarely say this, but thank God for the Internet!

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