Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas Games Galore

I must have a truly geeky family (on both sides) because everyone my generation or younger got video games for Christmas. I personally was granted the latest Professor Layton puzzle game, as well as Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (prequel to the Bowser's Inside Story I loved so much). K just informed me that Rune Factory 3 came out, so I know what I'll be asking for my birthday. ^_~

My brother LDK got a PS3 Controller + Infamous set, and his new wife Luna received Bowser's Inside Story (yes, that was from me). K's brother Steve got the Forza racing game, his wife Polly got Plants vs. Zombies, and their son Obi recieved a new Nintendo DS and Super Scribblenauts.

Contrary to popular belief, K didn't get any video games for Christmas because no one's ever sure which ones he already owns. He did use his Christmas money to get Nier and Dementia II though. 8-bit Santa did pretty good this year!

(image made by * Sugar Rush *)

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