Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Stint with Farmville

I've never been a Facebook junkie, but now that I work part time from home, I decided to find out why all the buzz about Farmville. I liked Rune Factory just fine, so perhaps this would be entertaining as well. You start off planting crops for cash, and then you can earn extra coinage by doing chores on your friends' farms. If you collect enough moolah, you can really go all out designing elaborate fields using well-placed buildings, trees, and of course, colored hay bales.

As for me, I found Farmville to be stupendously boring. The thing that kept me addicted to Rune Factory was that there was a limited amount of time to complete so many possible tasks, so I had to work at making things as efficient as possible. With Farmville, the ramp-up was slow, so I had plenty of time and a limited number of things to do. Therefore, one week after starting, I abandoned my plot of digital land.

One Facebook game that did pull me in for a while was Restaurant City. The differences were:
  1. You can make money faster and decorate your space sooner.
  2. There's a greater variety of tasks available each day.
  3. The more efficient your restaurant layout and staff selection, the faster you level up.
Unfortunately, a min-maxer like me has no qualms about looking up the most productive layout and staff mix, so once I figured that out, there was little experimentation left for me to do and I was soon bored again. However, my brother LDK recently proposed to his long-time girlfriend Luna, and now that Luna's playing Restaurant City, I've joined in again as a way of getting to know her better. She's got this cute French cafe, where as mine is Japanese-themed (of course).

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