Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dreams of Grandeur

I've gotten to the point where I think I can conquer pretty much any crochet project out there. So when my engineer coworker announced that he was having a son in April 2010, I set out to make another fantastically impressive crochet gift (inspired by Sara's nursery): a Mario pixel blanket dressed in purple-and-white Kansas State colors (his alma mater). The mission commenced in early December, and within a month, I realized that I had made a serious mistake. This project, while conceptually simple, completely sucked!

It wasn't necessarily the making of 252 squares that was so painful (although certainly monotonous); it was all the sewing that killed me, with about 2-3 loose stands per square! Eventually, I developed a process of crocheting a small mountain of squares in each color, storing them in ziploc bags, and then sewing together a few rows until I ran out of squares. Rinse and repeat. Or in my case, not.

However, in light of a potential move if K gets a job out of state, I went into full production mode last week to finally get this thing out the door. K was so impressed by the final result that he asked for a Metroid version. Hah! Sorry, honey, don't love you that much... (j/k)

If for some reason you wish to replicate this, check out my Ravelry page for pattern details. Personally, I'd stick with quilting for this kind of job. >_<

Update: picture of the 2-month-old recipient and his sleepy older brother


Heather said...

Wow. I don't know if I could do all that work to give it away. Looks great!

Carlin said...

I actually just started following your blog last week after following links to it from Ravelry from that very project. Awesome job! I just started making the squares for my own Mario blanket (I am a gamer's girlfriend and it's intended for a Christmas gift). I am very afraid for what might happen when it comes time to join the squares.