Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Sorry for the absence. I dislike reading apologies for lack of entries, but these past few weeks have been rough. K's video company went under rather rapidly, so he's having to start the job process himself now. We're not sure if God wants us to:

a) stay here or move back to K's hometown where all his family lives.
b) have K stay in the video game industry or start a new career.

Plus, if we move, that also affects introduces another bout of decisions, like if I should get another engineering job or explore my career options or start having kids and not work at all or do part-time, etc. We both trust God wholeheartedly and are confident that He'll show us the way, but let's just say it's a really exciting/scary time, full of opportunites and uncertainty. Kinda like free falling and not worrying about the outcome. ^_^;;

Please pray for us during this next season of interviewing and changes that God wants us to make!

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