Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shifting Winds

While many people think that having a job in the video game industry is a total dream come true, it can also be quite the fickle mistress. Remember K's fellow designer friend Ben? He recently got laid off from his company, and with the new baby, Sara's only working part time right now. Having been through this three times in the past year or so, they know the drill. Don't stress. Pray for God's blessing in the job search. Update the resume asap. Contact all your previous coworkers for job openings and then start applying in an ever-expanding radius from their home base.

On the bright side, Ben's resume has a ton more shipped games on it now, which is a huge deal to employers. I remember when I saw K's resume once... in the engineering world, we're told to keep things down to 1 page, 2 max. K's resume was a monstrous 4 pages long, with every single title he had ever touched highlighted in eye-catching, colored boxes. Another game industry job hunting tip I learned is that people may will laugh at you if you show up to the interview in a suit. For them, every day is casual Friday, so a nice shirt and pants is more than enough.

Anyway, please keep Ben and Sara in your prayers, that they would have strength and hope during this season.

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