Monday, February 22, 2010

The Loss of a "Pet"

I've been a little reticent lately when it comes to playing video games. The reason being that I (gulp) misplaced my Nintendo DS and it got stolen. And it really hurts more than just the sunk cost because it was the first gaming-related gift that K ever gave me while we were dating. So I've been punishing myself a little by refusing to pick up another DS or even borrow K's. It'd be like getting another puppy right after your dog went missing because you left him behind at the gas station on the way to Aunt Maggie's house. And I'm pretty certain at this point that it ain't getting returned. Here's to a good 3 years of constant companionship; I'm sorry I lost you and I hope your new owner appreciates you as much as I did!

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A Gamer's Wife said...

Ok, I got my Chinese friend to translate:
"You really put your heart into this blog; I recommend it!"

To 雪糕: