Monday, December 14, 2009

"NOW I Can Have a Happy Christmas..."

K's feeling a little glum as Christmas nears because this is the first year where we are not going back to his parents' place for the holidays. To help him combat the homesickness, I've been determined to cheer him up by packing December 25th to the fullest. My brainstorming ideas included ice skating, looking at Christmas lights, decorating a gingerbread house, calling his family via webcam, and attending the church Christmas service. All of these pitches were met with slightly positive to mediocre responses. And then today K excitedly sends me this news article over instant chat, saying "NOW I can have a happy Christmas!"

Natalie Portman starring as Elizabeth Bennet the Zombie Killer

Haha, I guess I shouldn't be surprised after two years of marriage. What is it with gamers and their fascination with zombies?

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Unknown said...

I've not worked that out yet and I have even married 11 years!