Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Appreciation for the Double Standard

Ever since K introduced Monster Hunter to me, I have tended to surpass him in the number of Monster Hunter hours played. By a lot. Now you would think that wouldn't bother a man who can easily crush me in <name that fighting game, first person shooter, etc> with the mere raise of an eyebrow, but it does. Wanna know how I do it?

1) I tend to get engrossed in one game, while K likes to play a wide variety.
2) I have no shame.

Relaxing after dinner? Monster Hunter. Waiting in line for a movie? Monster Hunter. Need to do the #2? Monster Hunter.

Now K has what most people would call "a sense of decency." He doesn't want to look like a geek to the public eye and be "that guy" that still plays video games at age 30 while sustaining a permanent anti-social force field about him. But when a young female adult with relatively clear skin and long, dark hair pulls out a little electronic toy from her purse at the coffee shop, no one's going to call her bluff and scream "WEIRDO!" Oh no, instead you get sighs of admiration and murmurings of "I wish she was my wife" least that's what I tell myself. ^_~

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