Friday, May 29, 2009

Actress Meets WoW, Actress Makes Webisodes

K and I have never been involved in the WoW or MMORPG scene, but the life-sucking level of addiction has spawned many a parody, including South Park's famous Make Love, Not Warcraft episode. Well, I was surfing, desperately looking for something that costed at least $10.89 to get the free shipping, when I found the DVDs for a web series called The Guild. Apparently actress Felicia Day spent two years playing WoW every second she wasn't at a TV studio and then decided to put her two passions together... making and acting in a series about the antics that ensue when an online group decides to meet in real life.

Given that the The Guild episodes are only 4-5 minutes each, I've been gobbling them down like popcorn during my lunch break. Head over to to get your tasty fix.


Jennifer said...

Just wanted to say that I have enjoyed reading your blog. It's nice to know I'm not the only wife out there enjoying their geek/gamer husband's influence. We are all WoW players in my house and find the Guild quite entertaining. We've even recognized a few of the other actors in other things.

A Gamer's Wife said...

Thanks so much! ^_^ I just visited your site and have to admit that I've never dipped my toe in the world of scrapbooking... will have to follow you too!