Monday, April 6, 2009

Video Games vs. "Doing It"

As you know, time is gold. For many of us, the majority of our waking days are spent at the office, with a few scant hours to enjoy in the evening. (Make that minutes if you have kids.) By the time you've finished cooking dinner, cleaning up, and possibly working out... that leaves practically nothing! So what are you going to do with your precious spare time? Apparently an online British game store surveyed over 1,000 men in relationships (read: married or dating) regarding said evening activities: would you rather play games or have sex? 32% of men choose a night of playing games over physical intimacy, where as 72% of men prioritized a new game over having the s3x0rz.

As you can surmise, the comments to this article have been flooding in, most of which fit into the following categories:
  1. Haha, married guys have no balls! Who in their right mind would pick games over sex?
  2. Well, being married means no sex anyway, so of course we choose the games.
  3. Married men can get sex anytime they want... why not have both in the same night?
It's amazing how much emphasis our culture places on sex nowadays. For me, sometimes it's just really nice to end the day by reading a book or crocheting a few rows before bedtime. So I can totally understand (and appreciate) guys who aren't 24/7 horndogs that constantly want to get it on. If K has a new game, well I want to see him play it too! I would think our sex life is healthy enough that one day without monkey business doesn't mean our marriage is doomed to celibacy.

And another thing: I hate this perception that married couples never have good sex or even sex at all. And typically the blame is placed on the wife. If women are already aware of the stereotype going into a marriage, wouldn't they want to actively fight against it in their own relationship? Knowing how important this is to men, my personal conviction has always to make my partner for life the luckiest man alive in all aspects. ^_~


-little mad girl said...

yes, the "married people don't have sex" myth is annoying. being a married person who recently had a baby-- yeah, it definitely takes a while to get back into the swing of things (hence all the recent video game-playing for me!) but marriage doesn't mean misery either (which is the common belief). we like having both the games and the sex ;)
and i recently got the new (red!!) xbox so me and hubby can play co-op games! yay! (maybe we can tie in sex play with video game-play, eh? like, the winner of this round has to perform such-n-such sex act, etc.) i think that could be fun!!

thegamerswife said...

So far there's never been an issue between sex and gaming...Besides the occasional raid night where I fall fast asleep WAY before he ever comes to bed, I think my gamer gets enough of both!! Haha :)