Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How to Support Your Husband When He's Crunching

It's been eight months since I wrote my first post on crunching, and I'd like to revise my previous statement. Yes, K is a wonderful man who dislikes crunching and highly values his personal time at home. However, he has since moved to a start-up company full of workaholics, and it's kinda hard to avoid the social pressure of staying late when your cubemate with a 3-month-old son is still here, chowing down a 5-minute dinner at his desk so he can keep cranking. Plus, you can't exactly avoid it when the CEO mandates that everyone is coming in this weekend for a 7 am team meeting. ^_^;;

Given the stressful work environment, I tried to search online for tips of what I can do to best support a husband who's working late, and I found... nothing! The top hits involved complaints from stay-at-home moms and suspicions of infidelity. Wow, that's depressing. Whatever happened to standing by your husband's side in tough times? Fine then, I'm officially making my own list! Let me know if you have any good ideas to add on.

  1. Take care of all the chores and bills so he doesn't have to worry about them.
  2. Leave little "thank you for everything you do" notes in his shoes.
  3. Send him a random text/email during the day to tell him you can't wait to see him.
  4. Pack him a homemade meal + yummy snack (so he doesn't always have to eat the same takeout food provided at work).
  5. Don't forget the s3x0rz!!1
  6. When he gets home, don't bombard him with questions or to-do lists. Let him crash and relax on the couch with a fav beverage in hand.
  7. Ask him if there's anything you can do to help or stuff you can pray about.

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thegamerswife said...

Thanks for stopping by my site! I am so excited to meet other women like me :-P I can imagine that guys love talking to your husband because of his job! Sadly, my husband just isn't that cool - He just plays the games;)haha