Monday, August 11, 2008

Made Just for You

I've been attending a considerable number of weddings this year, and this past weekend we saw the martial union of two introverted homebodies who are completely made for each other. I think I whispered some mushy comment to K about our own well-suited relationship, when he turned around and surprised me with a previously unheard story...

K's entire extended family all live in the same state, but K alone had the courage to move away to explore greener pastures. Soon after we were married, K's parents paid us a visit to transport some leftover wedding gifts. During a lull in activity, I pulled out a new cross stitching project I had started, which of course piqued the interest of K's mom. Her thought process: sewing = sign of domesticity = good cook who can properly take care of my son?

Of course, she took one peek and saw something like this instead...

Clearly a match made in heaven, eh? ^_~

P.S. If you're looking for awesome video game cross stitching patterns and other crafts, check out!

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