Friday, June 6, 2008

The First Year

So having been married for almost a year to a man working in the video game industry, it suddenly occurred to me today that my unique collection of stories and experiences might prove to be entertaining to viewers. I already had it visualized in mind: "The Gamer's Wife" broadly pasted across the top with witty weekly entries and hundreds of loyal readers! But like any somewhat savvy Internet user, I did my duty and checked out the competition:

Okaaay then. Guess it was incredibly naive of me to assume that I'd be the first to think of using "gamer's wife," but not all is lost. Here are the top few links:
  • - very well done site but dissimilar genre; sells t-shirts and paraphernalia that I'd consider wearing
  • Forum cries for help: "Need to find gift for gamer husband!"
  • Random one shot posts like this, that, and the other but no serial writers
  • Actual sites titled The Gamer's Wife and Diary of a Gamer's Wife, but with few posts
Actually, most sites refer to gamer husbands who are addicted to video games, but may not actually work in the industry. Hmm. Well, I'm officially going with "A Gamer's Wife" as the title, since I am surely one of countless women. But my hope is that this blog will bring a fresh perspective to the scene among the many established voices.

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