Monday, June 9, 2008

Life at the Office

I'm not sure where to even start when it comes to describing K's job environment. For one thing, work doesn't start until 10 am in the video game industry, which means the first meetings of the day are pushed back to 11, and everyone takes lunch after 1 pm. With everything shifted back 1-2 hours, living with K's late night schedule definitely took some adjusting.

Another interesting differentiator is the politically incorrect, not-safe-for-work emailing. The name of the game is to elicit as many horrified winces and eye-rolling groans as possible (which is quite the task, given the crowd). Even the 12% female population in the video game industry seems to happily join in the offensiveness. If any normal HR department ever screened the daily batch of content, they'd quake in their boots and shut down the whole company for fear of being sued 897 times over.

And finally: getting to play at work! That means beating the office champion on the old school Street Fighter arcade machine, best three out of five. Stopping in the middle of the day for a mandatory play test where you jump into the multiplayer game your team's working on. Color copying Gary's face to make wearable masks for everyone. Convincing British Brandon that the new wireless router above his desk emits cancer-inducing radiation up to 5 meters. You know, plain ol' crazy fun. ^_^

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